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Valken Green Gas

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Valken Green Gas is some of the best value green gas on the market. With silicone oil pre-added to make sure your gun stays well lubricated and keeps the seals in good shape! Using propane can void your airsoft gun's warranty, use green gas to maintain optimal efficiency!


1000ml capacity
Contains Silicone Oil & Propane Mixture for Optimal Gas Operated performance
Works with all compressed gas airsoft guns
Approved and authorized to legally ship & drop ship
Available in 12 Can Cases


Output Pressure: 115 +/- 5 PSI at 70° F
Canister Size: 8 oz
Safety Data: DOT-E 11917
Shots per Canister: 1500 - 2000 shots (Varies depending on temperature and type of gas gun)


*Please note due to the nature of Green Gas it is transported differently to ensure safety during transport. Depending on your location this may lead to additional time in transit. For most this will not affect them but there are select areas within the US that may take an additional couple of days for the product to arrive. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Please account for this additional transit time when ordering. Orders only containing a single bottle of Green Gas (and nothing else) will ship First Class.