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JAA's 0.25g Airsoft BB Sample Pack

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Just Airsoft Ammo is excited to announce their new line of Sample Packs! We understand whether your gun is brand new out of the box or tuned for maximum performance you want to get the most accuracy and range out of your gun. This all starts with the BB you use. We've assembled a multitude of test packages for you to test multiple weights or even brands in your gun to determine the best round for your needs without spending a fortune on bottles you'll never use again!

This is the 0.25g Sample pack designed for those players who use the popular 0.25g weight and want to compare rounds between Valken and Elite Force to find the best brand for their needs. You get:

500CT of our most popular Elite Force 0.25g

500CT of the standard Valken Tactical 0.25g (WHITE)

500CT of the troll Valken Tactical 0.25g (PINK)

500CT of the extremely affordable Goldenball 0.25g Proslick


PLEASE NOTE: In order to make this cost effective these sample packs will not come in the standard manufacturer's packaging.