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Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade

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  • $45

After years in development, Airsoft Innovations is proud to introduce the Cyclone Impact Grenade; the newest incarnation of the most ruthless spinning airsoft BB dispensing device out there. Using our new Quantum Drive engine, it unleashes a spinning storm of 140 BBs at 225 feet per second and is now available for about the price of a GBB pistol magazine.
  • Grenade spins, propelling all 140 BBs out a @ 225 FPS
  • Great for room clearing and indoor play
  • Fast to refill
  • Runs off Propane, Green Gas, or 134A
  • Sensitive, reliable, and consistent performance
  • Flashbang design for the most BBWarz MILSIM swag


Package also includes a bit of oil for your grenade to keep it in tip top shape!


This latest batch of Cyclones includes a FREE mystery patch. Not as good as 2 patches with the launch edition but these patches are hilarious!


*Please note that this is one of the few items that I will have to ship via First Class as margins on the item aren't ideal. If you add anything else on the site to your order with the Cyclone it will be bumped into Priority. Thank you for your understanding.