We are out of town for Broken Home 6! We will be back the Tuesday after Memorial Day to resume shipping!

International Shipping

While our free shipping only extends to our domestic United States market we want to make sure everyone around the world can get access to our products. We offer some of the fastest international shipping available in the airsoft market by utilizing DHL as our international carrier. All orders from time of shipment will be at your door anywhere in the world in usually under 48 hours with our extremely quick processing times you can get your items faster than some domestic customers at very competitive rates!

We offer international services for individuals, teams, and wholesale customers. Currently international orders still have to be processed in a case by case basis but we have streamlined the process significantly to get you BBs in the fastest and most affordable method!

You will have to email us to get started. You can estimate what shipping costs though without needing to contact us! Visit the chart below and locate you country from the 'Zone Lists' tab to find what zone you are in. Then select the 'Rates' tab to ballpark the weight of your order and line it up with your country's zone. There you can have a general estimate of what shipping charges you will incur. 

International Shipping Chart